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Grand Master Chan Kun Wah

Master Chan Kun Wah grew up near Hong Kong. He met his Master, Grand Master Chue Yen and followed him through the mountains of China for two years, learning only yin and yang, from observing the natural environment. By the time he was in his early twenties he had grown to understand many different disciplines of Feng Shui, mainly from first-hand experiences and adventures with his Master. Master Chan married and moved overseas to the United Kingdom, at the express wishes of his Master. He diligently practiced and improved his Feng Shui, while bringing up two girls and working as a restaurateur. At age of fifty he opened the Imperial School of Feng Shui and Chinese Horoscopes Ltd in Edinburgh.
Master Chan began teaching the two-year Practitioners Training Programme. The curriculum developed and he taught many and varied advanced courses to his post-graduate students. The school trained Chue Style Feng Shui teachers and culminated in offering ‘Masters’ examinations. In 2006, after four of his direct students passed their ‘Masters Examination, Master Chan was promoted. His new title being, Grand Master Chue Yan Chan Kun Wah! Grand Master Chan is a gentle man who looks very youthful for his age. He is tall, softly spoken and humble in his manners. He lives and breathes his work and takes the responsibility of his work very much to heart. He published his first book on the 64 Hexagrams in 2006 and has since written two more books, including the unique 10,000-year calendar for the Southern Hemisphere. He is a true scholar. This Chue Style Feng Shui information will be his legacy. He wishes to share and pass on his knowledge to his Chue Style Feng Shui family for future generations to enjoy, research and develop.


Master Pamela Forsyth (CH.DS.YHH)

Pamela grew up happily on the outskirts of Edinburgh in a big family. She qualified as a teacher with a Bachelor of Education Degree from Stirling University in 1986. She then travelled extensively, venturing twice around the world as a solo backpacker before trying her hand at writing children’s fiction. She worked as a teacher for a number of years in Edinburgh and London then took off to have an adventure as an expedition leader and overland driver for Exodus in Africa, which certainly was exciting!

It was from her observations as an interior designer that she became interested in Feng Shui, completing the two-year Practitioners Training programme with Grand Master Chan’s Imperial School of Feng Shui & Chinese Horoscopes. In 2000, Pamela passed her exam and received a Diploma and a Certificate to Practice Imperial Feng Shui from the school and became an Imperial Feng Shui consultant. She started her own consultancy called ‘Enerchi’ in 2001, which is an Imperial Feng Shui School & Consultancy. In 2002, Pamela took over the Directorship of the Imperial School of Feng Shui and Chinese Horoscopes Ltd in Scotland. This is the flagship school of Imperial Feng Shui and was opened in 1997 by Grand Master Chan Kun Wah. In 2006, Pamela passed a stringent examination to become a ‘Chinese Horoscope’, Master Pamela Forsyth (CH). In 2007, Master Pamela passed another testing set of examinations to become a ‘Date Selection’ Master (DS) and a ‘Yuen Hom Hexagram’ Master (YHH). She has organised and attended more than 168 of Grand Master Chan’s advanced and specialist courses since 2002, gaining vast insights and experience from ‘following the Master’. Since the Chue Foundation’s conception in the UK in 2001, Master Pamela has been an active member of the Management Team, volunteering to help in various different roles from Membership Secretary, website text creator to Newsletter Editor. She is an Accredited Imperial Feng Shui Teacher and one of Grand Master Chan’s three personal assistants.

Enerchi - Imperial Feng Shui school offers beginners the Practitioners Training Programme (PTP) in Chue Style Feng Shui, which consists of a series of Modules - A, B & C. The school also offers general & graduate courses with Grand Master Chan and other specialist teachers that he has accredited through the Chue Foundation.

At the Enerchi Consultancy, Master Pamela’s wide range of knowledge and experience in Chue Style Feng Shui allows her to consult on any issues relating to residential and business premises. Her clients often request Chinese horoscope analysis charts, specific date selections, spiritual charms and I Ching coin or dice questions. Master Pamela is happy to offer her help, wisdom and advice, whenever it is requested.



Chue Foundation

Feng Shui

The two words “Feng Shui”, mean wind and water and are used to describe the essential energy that surrounds us all the time. Imperial Feng Shui is the name given to the style of Feng Shui that developed within the High Imperial Courts of China. Imperial Yuen Hom Style Feng Shui is the most advanced style of Feng Shui. It relates to the 64 hexagrams and means: “From nothing to everything, and from everything to nothing”. The Chue Style of Feng Shui descends directly from that which was practiced over the centuries in the highest palaces and Imperial courts of China. The focus is to find ways to harness the best energies or re-balance an environment.

Chue Style Feng Shui

The Chue lineage can be traced back to Great Great Grand Master Chan Hai Yee, who worked as a Feng Shui Master in the Imperial courts of China around 960AD. The Chan family knowledge was passed to the Taoist Master Chue Sum and a new Chue Style Feng Shui lineage was born and developed by our Great Grand Master Chue Yen, which means to ‘follow the destiny’. He chose Grand Master Chan to be his successor, his official title being Master Chue Yan, which means to ’follow the reason’. The names of the next twelve leaders who will continue our lineage have been given to Grand Master Chan. He will choose his successor when the time is right and they will be given the title Master Chue Jan, which means to ‘follow the kind heart’.
Master Chan Kun Wah’s Master, Grand Master Chue Yen founded the ‘Chinese Horoscope and Feng Shui Research Association’ in Taiwan in the 1960s. It was dedicated to Feng Shui research and development. He directed Master Chan to begin a similar Association in Great Britain called the ‘Overseas Chinese Horoscope and Feng Shui Research Association’, (OCHFSRA). As this was a bit of a mouthful, the name was changed to the ‘Chue Foundation’. In 2001, Master Chan became the President of the Chue Foundation, which is a non-profit making organisation, with the same ambitions as its original Association in Taiwan. This name was chosen to show respect for the teachings that came from Grand Master Chue Yen. He developed our ‘Chue Style Feng Shui’ and wished to promote ongoing research in the West that would benefit future generations. The website is www.chuefoundation.org. To qualify to join the Chue Foundation its members have a minimum of two years’ training in the Chue Style Feng Shui. They have to pass a practical examination to become a Chue Style Feng Shui consultant. We currently have over 200 members from more than 18 countries all over the world. Members of the Chue Foundation offer their time and services on a voluntary basis. Older members support newer members, exchanging ideas, discussing and participate in Feng Shui research and attending the Annual General Meeting enjoy one another’s company. We are a worldwide Feng Shui family and Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, as the Chue Foundation’s President, is the father figure of our family!